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My glass bin Is full...

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

By Emily

It’s been nearly two weeks since it was last emptied, never before has it reached such a height-

I’ve still 3 more’s never going to fit the weekends drinking in !!! 

Should I drink less ? .. No ...I’ll just put the extra by the back door, wait till it’s empty.

I’m not a key worker nor work on the front line, but oh how I praise those brave selfless souls, sent to war not even prepared, without proper equipment, or even a choice. 

It’s not 1940 or though you’d have thought, it’s right here and now two thousand and twenty, 

fighting a war that the whole worlds apart of. 

We know our enemy, it’s ever so small, but oh how it spreads- it has no remorse at all. 

We have computers, the World Wide Web, mobile phones, able to work from home. 

Surely with all this modern technology this tiny virus has no chance at all ? 

But no this virus has made us all see just how insignificant we can be. 

I’m just grateful, I don’t see my house as a prison but more as a solice, free from this cruel virus from which we are blind. 

My usual day has took a side line, homeschooling challenges make me think(and also drink copious amounts of wine) 

Does teaching just have to be all about school ?

 What about gardening,sewing,star gazing? 

Things that are fun for me I can teach without thinking.  

Perhaps we have all become too obsessed with passing exams and doing our best? 

Surely being happy and feeling fulfilled should be somewhere near the top of our list ?

Social distance has become the new norm, it makes me wonder if there’s a way back at all ?

Our closeness once shared with loved ones and friends now seems like a weapon with which we are armed. 

Is a kiss or a hug just something we’ll reminisce over? 

Will it be something we just cannot do anymore?

So if my only concern is that my glass bin is full ..... I guess I’ve just succumb to the new type of norm. 

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