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Home schooling? Home surviving....

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

By Claire

From the end of March I was actually looking forward to working from home for a few weeks; some peace and quiet and an opportunity to actually complete stuff on the to do list and to start those projects I never had the chance to whilst in the office, bring it on!!

And then, I'm sorry, what? Schools are closed already? Good grief.....

Cue week 5. Both myself and hubby are working from home, him full time, me 4 days and honestly, home schooling can do one. We are not their teacher, we are their parents, and for all that I would love to be the supermum who can do it all, I'm afraid it's just not going to happen.

When its sunny the kids will play out in the garden, do about 5 minutes of a Maths game online and spend the rest of the day getting on each other's nerves and watching repeats of their favourite Netflix shows. And actually, I am only feeling minimally concerned by this. I'm more concerned by the fact they are eating so many baked beans they may actually turn into one...

Don't get me wrong, we are trying to factor in time limits on tablets, rules around YouTube on the TV (or TikTok for that matter!) but rules involve monitoring and when you have a day full of meetings and emails piling in, there's only so much attention span to go around.

Aside from missing hugs from my wonderful friends, coffees on Thursdays and going out for non-essential reasons (anybody else addicted to touching their face?) I am not missing some of the 'noise' from our previous lives, particularly the constant trickle of school and club-related information about shows, charity events, lunch funds, activities and trips.

On an even more positive note, family meal times are now more engaged than ever, we are actually getting along better than I ever thought we would and I do feel I have more head space on my day off to devote to the kids than I have before. Silver linings and all that!

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